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Club News:

Alexandra Ski Club is committed to the enjoyment and the promotion of skiing. It is our responsibility to provide leadership and give back to the community as much as we possibly can. We send out a regular newsletter via email to our members to update them on club matters. If you do not receive these newsletters, then please provide your details via the contact us page.

Newsletter Volume#924th November 2016
Newsletter Volume#824th October 2016
Newsletter Volume#721st October 2016
Newsletter Volume#67th July 2016
Newsletter Volume#523rd May 2016
Newsletter Volume#421st April 2016
Newsletter Volume#323rd March 2016
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Newsletter Initial Volume22nd December 2015



We are excited to list the following events Alexandra Ski Club will be participating in over the upcoming months in 2016.

Club Event: 2017 Bookings Open1st March 2017
Lifestyle Event: Jindabyne Lions Easter Art Show & Sale (Jindabyne Memorial Hall)14th – 17th April 2017
Lifestyle Event: NPWS Easter Discovery Activities 201715th – 17th April 2017
Lifestyle Event: Perisher Fire Station Open Day14th April 2017 10am
Lifestyle Event: The Perisher Fun Run (Walk)15th April 2017 7:30am
Lifestyle Event: The Great Perisher Duck Race15th April 2017 4:00pm
Lifestyle Event: Perisher Easter Egg Hunt16th April 2017 8:00am
Lifestyle Event: Perisher Interpretive Village Walk16th April 2017 2:00pm
Club News: Implement Online Booking SystemTesting Planned for 2017 Ski Season
Club Event: Annual General Meeting (AGM)TBA
Club Event: Ski Season Open (2017)10th June 2017
Club Event: Ski Season Closed (2017)13th October 2017


The Ski Lodges Organisation of Perisher Smiggins and Guthega (SLOPES)

SLOPES was formed in 1991 to resist attempts by a large commercial organisation to enter into a Head Lease over all Lodges and Hotels in Perisher Valley. The Club Lodges did not view a Head Lease controlled by a large commercial organisation to be in their best long term interests. A group of Clubs headed by John Grinham challenged this approach, and set up a new body known as The Ski Lodges Organisation of Perisher, Smiggins, and Guthega Inc, with the acronym of SLOPES. The group quickly attained 100% membership of all the 88 Ski Clubs in the area. SLOPES represented the Clubs in the negotiations for new individual leases, and in 1996, 86 new Club leases for 1620 beds were issued with an expiry date of 2025.

For more information on SLOPES please go to: SLOPES Website

Perisher Historical Society Newsletter:

Newsletter Issue# 17Summer 2016/17