I hope the snow is deep and the weather fine and, again, thank you for taking on the role of Club Captain.

It is the Club Captain’s responsibility to ensure that Members and Guests respect the Club’s property and that the Club Captain’s report is returned to the Booking Secretary within the first two days of your return.

Club Captain Reports are now submitted electronically using the webform below. Please complete the form and click the submit button at the end. However, if you would like to use the paper version please download it here.

    1a. Club Captain Details:

    1b. Club Captain Acknowledgement:

    Of particular Importance (Please tick all boxes to acknowledge that each task was completed):

    2. Maintenance Report:

    Note: Two gauges on top of the tank. Large gauge reads pressure in KPa. Small gauge reads the content in %. The gauge will be found 60mm uphill of a 1.5m red marker pole. Caution: If the tank top is snow-covered, take care with the shovel as the gas pipe is a soft copper tube and easily damaged.

    Please upload any relevant maintenance photos (if applicable):

    Please do not leave important or urgent problems without either arranging repairs or notifying the directors.

    3. Cleaning and Maintenance Roster Report:

    Each Saturday during the winter season, a contract cleaner is engaged to clean all bathrooms, the kitchen floor, and bench tops, and to vacuum the floors in the living and dining areas. The Cleaner will not enter bedrooms.

    The changeover time is 10.00 am. If you plan to ski on your departure date, please ensure you have vacated your bedroom, and undertaken the cleaning you are responsible for, and all your luggage and belongings are stored in the ski room by 10 am. This will allow access for the incoming members & guests, and provide the cleaner access to all areas of the lodge.

    All Members and guests in residence are required to contribute during the week to the cleaning and maintenance of our Lodge. It is expected that a high standard of cleanliness and tidiness of the Lodge will be maintained at all times.

    Weekly Cleaning Tasks (please tick tasks that were completed):
    Kitchen - Fridge/Freezer/Stoves/Microwave/OvensKitchen - Cupboards/Paintwork/FloorDining & Living Area - Vacuum FloorBathrooms (Upstairs & Downstairs) - Clean & replenish toiletries/toilet paperCorridors/Stairs Landing - VacuumSki Room & Entrance - Sweep OutGarbage Room - Sweep Out and Empty BinsDrying Room -Sweep OutLinen - Alsco dirty linen to be left, bagged, in ski room for pickup by Hans oversnow (not outside)Garbage Disposal - General Waste & RecyclablesSnow Clearing - Lodge entranceSnow Clearing - Fire Escape Door & StairsSnow Clearing - Balcony & StairsSnow Clearing - External exhaust vents for gas heatersBasement - Tool cupboard/wood storage/general tidinessFireplace - Daily maintenance (clear ashes, restock firewood in the basement and next to the fireplace)Balcony BBQ - Clean BBQ after useGames Room and Bar - Tidy & Vacuum

    Please upload any further photos that you feel may be relevant (if applicable):

    (Once you click Submit, please be patient while the attachments are uploaded)

    Responsibilities of the Weekly Club Captain

    1. Safety – Please ensure responsibility for the safety of members and the lodge is always maintained.
    2. Fire Precautions – see Notice Board for Fire Precautions and Procedures.

    Of particular importance:

    • On Saturday evening, advise all Members and guests of the location of all emergency exits and evacuation procedures in the event of a fire or the Fire Alarm activating. Repeat this orientation for Members and guests arriving on a later day.
    • Ensure all firefighting equipment is in position and ready for use. Check fire exits to ensure that the doors are opening easily and that they are not blocked by snow and ice – these exits must be clear at all times.
    • Advise all Members and guests that electric blankets must not be left on during the day and bedroom heaters must be turned off when leaving the rooms and should not be required during sleeping.
    1. Ensure all Members and guests fill in the Accommodation Book in the Lodge. This is compulsory to comply with the terms of the Club’s lease with NPWS.
    2. Maintain the cleanliness and general condition of the Lodge throughout the week. Allocate duties so that the Lodge is left in a clean, respectable state for incoming residents.  (Please complete the job allocation roster.) While a limited end-of-week cleaning service is provided during the winter season, this is not intended to substitute for Members’ contributions during the week.

    Of particular importance:

    • Bedrooms and Linen – see Notice Board for details.
    • Garbage Disposal – see Notice Board for details of the collection. Flatten cardboard delivery boxes and place in the skip located in the Village car park. NOTHING MUST BE LEFT BEHIND AFTER YOUR STAY.
    • Check vacuum cleaners – empty regularly.
    • Electrical faults are to be attended to immediately.
    • Snow is to be shoveled and cleared from entry, fire escapes, and the external vents for the gas room heaters.
    • Empty the water tray under the refrigerator regularly.
    1. Complete the Accommodation and Maintenance Reports and post or email them within 2 days of returning from the Lodge. It is the Club Captain’s responsibility to use his/her initiative and, if possible, to repair any defect while in residence.

    Please list all faults, with attention to detail. If possible fix them yourself. List any urgent purchases made on behalf of the Club.

    1. Behavior and Noise – it is the duty of the Club Captain that noise is kept to a reasonable level. Use common sense.
    2. Ensure that the Jetmaster fireplace is extinguished upon the last person retiring for the night. The fire should generally only be lit in the evening.
    3. Before Members and guests vacate the Lodge, the Club Captain must ensure that the following end-of-week cleaning duties are completed:
    • All bedrooms are dusted and vacuumed thoroughly, and rubbish bins are emptied.
    • Upstairs and downstairs corridors are vacuumed.
    • Surfaces in the living and dining areas are damp-dusted.
    • The fireplace is cleaned, and the firewood is restocked.
    • The balcony BBQ is cleaned and turned off
    • Garbage bins in the kitchen are emptied.

    Each Saturday during the winter season, a contract cleaner is engaged to clean all bathrooms, the kitchen floor and bench tops, and to vacuum the floors in the living and dining areas.  They do NOT clean the ovens, which must be done  by members.

     NOTE: The cleaner will not enter bedrooms. Cleaning of bedrooms is the responsibility of the Members & Guests.

    1. Empty the refrigerator and wipe it out. NO FOOD OF ANY KIND IS TO BE LEFT BEHIND IN THE REFRIGERATOR OR FREEZER.


    Under the terms of the Club’s lease with National Parks & Wildlife (NPWS), on-site visits and inspections of the Club’s Accommodation Book may take place during the winter season. The Booking Secretary will receive up to 48 hours’ notice of a planned inspection, and he then will notify the weekly Club Captain.

    Entries in the Accommodation Book will be reconciled with the planned, weekly accommodation list and room allocation provided by the Booking Secretary to each weekly Club Captain. The Club’s lease allows for seventeen (17) persons to be in residence at any one time.

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    Alternatively, please send us any pics you are happy to share with us via email or our Contact Us page. Photos provided may be used for archival, Club newsletters & promotional material distributed to our membership database.

    Opening the Lodge

    Turn on the electricity.  The main switch is located in the meter box on the right-hand side of the entrance.

    Turn on the gas.  (on top of the main gas tank outside)

    For further instructions, see the Notice Board.

    Light gas heaters as necessary. Follow the instructions affixed to each appliance.

    Check the Lodge carefully, room by room, to ensure that there are no problems with the electrical or gas systems.

    Ensure all firefighting equipment is in position and ready for use. Check fire exits to make sure the doors are opening easily and that they are not blocked by snow and ice – these exits must be clear at all times.

    The main water stop-valve in the basement (opposite wall to stairs – on the ceiling) has to be turned off from February onwards.

    Closing Down the Lodge

    1. Turn off all gas appliances
    2. Turn off gas. (on top of the main tank outside)
    3. Check the Lodge carefully, room by room. Turn off all lights and heaters. Unplug electric blankets.
    4. Lock all doors and windows, INCLUDING THE BASEMENT DOOR
    5. Leave refrigerator doors and freezer doors open. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE any food in the refrigerator or freezer or cupboards.
    6. Remove all garbage and litter.
    7. Make arrangements for laundry pick-up. Phone 64575334
    8. Leave fireplace clean. Ensure all embers have cooled before removing.
    9. Turn off electricity at main switch in entrance foyer. Note the fuses that are labeled to remain on.


    10. Ensure fire alarm is functioning, on left-panel in entrance foyer.
    11. Lock the Stores cupboard. If there is any stores item that is out of stock or Low, please note that on your report.

    Tradesmen’s List for Emergency Repairs

    Gas Elgas (02) 6452 1440
    After hours: Alan Kelly 0401 987 627
    Refrigerator Jindabyne Refrigeration (02) 6456 2231
    Dishwasher & electrical appliances Berridale Appliance Service

    After hours

    (02) 6450 5003

    0427 110 427

    Builder/Carpenter Robert Van Der Platt (02) 6452 4491 (Home)
    (02) 6452 4566 (Work)
    0427 524 491
    Electrician Intact Electrical (02) 6452 5007
    John van der Hout 0412 124 007
    Plumber Gavin Patten (02) 6457 1058
    0427 200 82
    Laundry Alsco Laundry 0431088646


    Lee Avenue, Jindabyne
    Brian Old
    Fire Alarms Alpine Fire Safety
    Proprietor: Tony Hasart 0421 226 431
    Other useful numbers Hans Oversnow (02) 6457 5334
    SkiTube Supermarket (02) 6457 5555
    Bullocks Flat Terminal (02) 6456 2010
    Bus (Bullocks Flat) (02) 6456 2597
    Snowy Mountains Taxis (02) 6456 2644
    Foodtown Nuggets Crossing (02) 6456 2949
    Perisher Medical Centre (02) 6457 5266
    Lodge Cleaner – John Riordan 0420362021