Booking Policy


Bookings will again open on 1st February. This is to allow bookings to be confirmed sooner and allow members to plan alternate dates should they not find availability in the preferred week.

  • From 1 Jan – Members only. Those members that were unsuccessful in a ballot in the prior year; have the opportunity to book into the same week as the unsuccessful week in the prior year. This booking can be entered/confirmed by the Booking Secretary upon confirmation by the member that they would commit to that new booking.
  • From 1 FebruaryMembers only. All bookings received up to 28th February are deemed to have been received at the same time. Bookings will remain in Tentative status until either 1st March or until any ballot has been conducted. Thereafter, it is first come, first served. Placements for members will take preference over those containing Guests. Guest will be confirmed in the Unrestricted Bookings period.

Whole of Lodge Bookings will be received only, in identified weeks published on the website.

  • From 1 March Unrestricted Bookings. All available space in the Lodge may be booked on a first come, first served basis.  Please note that accommodation will not be confirmed until payment is received.


  • Bookings must be submitted only by a member. No bookings will be accepted or confirmed from any member who has any unpaid annual subscriptions.
  • All bookings containing a Guest, must be accompanied by a member in that week. If a member cannot accompany the Guest in the week of the booking, the Guest is not entitled to stay.

 Payment methods is only by Credit Card (Visa and MasterCard) and can be paid directly on the booking site at the time of your booking;


Annual subscriptions for 2024 are $612 including GST and are due by 1st February. Invoices will be issued directly from the accommodation booking system.

Payment of all subscriptions, including 2024 fees must be paid before a booking will be accepted and processed.


Members can review the accommodation availability and make bookings directly at the club website. The website address is:


There will be an increase of 5.0% to accommodation rates for 2024 to cover increases operating costs (particularly insurance, gas and electricity).


In 2024, we will begin the season in February with direct booking and payment on the club website.

Please note that all bookings will now have a 10% cancellation fee from the time the booking is made.[1]

Members have access to the clubs ‘Member Portal’ which allows you to book online with instant booking confirmation, ability to cancel existing bookings, pay online via credit card, check lodge availability, view upcoming or past bookings and also the ability to update your member profile details.

Bookings can be made at the following address:

Members can retrieve their Member Number by clicking the ‘Retrieve Your Member Number’ button on the Member Portal’s login screen. You will then be asked to enter your email address and click “Get Member Number” which will then send you an email with this number. Once you have your member number you can then proceed to the login screen again to enter your Member Number and Last Name.


For the NSW public schools, the holiday weeks are split into 3 periods of 5 days.  Please check your school’s holidays before booking.  See the accommodation rates page for details.


The following weeks are available for any Member to book the entire Lodge for a week (maximum party 17):

Whole of Lodge 2024 Dates Cost
21st to 27th July (6 nights only) $11,142
31st Aug – 7th Sept $12,999

Bookings for Whole of Lodge weeks will be received from 1st February.  Full payment is required with the booking. A ballot may be necessary if competing bookings are received prior to bookings opening on 1st March. Members who successfully booked a whole-of-lodge week last year may not participate in the ballot.  After 1st March, normal weekly bookings will be allowed in these weeks if they are still available at the Rate Code indicated in the booking calendar. Note: For transparency on cost; the rate calculation used for the pricing of a Whole Of Lodge week is to assume an occupancy of 8 adult members and 9 adult guests.


Confirmation of Members’ bookings will be finalised as soon as possible after 1st March.

A ballot may be necessary due to competing bookings exceeding lodge capacity. If member unsuccessful in ballot in any particular week and unable to attend any other week, then member is given priority for the same week in the following year and only valid for the following year.  If members are able to attend another week in current season, then they lose that priority for next season.

Children of any age will be permitted in the two Tiny Tots Weeks, but only children of 5 years and older will be allowed in other weeks.  There will be no exceptions to this rule.  Please do not ask the Booking Secretary for exemption from this rule.

 Rooms will be allocated by the Booking Secretary at time of booking and your room number(s) will be issued with your emailed booking confirmation in the week preceding your stay.  You may request a particular room with your booking, but allocation will be done on a first come, first served basis.  Rooms may be swapped on arrival at the Lodge, by mutual agreement.

 Weekly bookings run from Saturday to Saturday.  Full week bookings have absolute priority over bookings of less than five days.  Bookings for weekends and periods less than five days will not be confirmed until two weeks before the booked date.

 All attempts by the Booking Secretary will be made to negotiate with members to help with accommodation, but filling the lodge is a responsibility of the Directors.



  1. Cancellation fee at any time after booking made – 10%
  2. Cancellation fee after 1st June – 50% (Unless a full replacement is found, in which case rule 1 applies.)
  3. NO REFUND if cancellation is within two weeks of booked date unless a full replacement can be found, in which case rule 1 applies.
  4. NO REFUND if member or guest departs Lodge ahead of time.
  5. Any special circumstances regarding cancellation fee to be submitted in writing and will be considered at a Directors’ Meeting.



There are two Tiny Tots weeks.  Families with children under 5 years of age have priority over families without. These weeks are:

8th to 15th June  AND   24th – 31st August


  1. Children under 5 are not permitted during the ski season except in Tiny Tots Weeks.
  2. Children under 2 years of age stay



  1. In the event of a dispute with the Booking Secretary, the written confirmation sent by the Booking Secretary will be deemed to be the correct booking. Members wishing to change bookings must check the details on the new booking confirmation are correct.
  2. Weekend bookings have low priority and can only be confirmed within 14 days before nominated weekend – except June and October long weekends, which can be pre-booked.
  3. There is no automatic laundry drop off or collection from the October long weekend to the start of the following snow season. The club now rents linen rather than owning our own Please contact Brian Old at Alsco laundry service in Jindabyne directly and inform them of your laundry requirements. Email; Mobile # 0431 088 646.
  4. Club House Captains are to supervise room allocation (as determined by the Booking Secretary) and house duties by 10.00 a.m. Saturday.

Official changeover time is 10.00 a.m.  All outgoing Members and Guests are to vacate their rooms by this time.  Incoming Members and Guests arriving before 10.00 a.m. are asked to leave their luggage in the Ski Room or outside the Lodge, and to be aware that cleaning up may still be in progress.

  1. Rostered duties are to be performed regularly during the week.
  2. Fire precautions – see Notice Board.
  3. Smoking

Smoking inside the Lodge is a fire hazard and an inconvenience to the non-smoking majority of Members.  Smokers are requested to confine their habit to external spaces and to dispose of butts in the garbage bin.

  1. Noise

The sound system should not be used after 10.00pm if people have retired for the evening.  Please assist the Club Captain in this matter.

  1. Fireplace


  1. Notice Board

Please ask all Members and Guests in your party to read all relevant information on the Notice Board.

  1. Members are reminded of the following facilities available at the Lodge:
  • Ping Pong table and games
  • Sewing Kit
  • First aid kit (in store room)
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Hairdryer
  • Stores items have been streamlined. Stores items include tea, coffee, sugar, salt, pepper, flour, serviettes, garbage bags, cling wrap, aluminium foil, detergents, soap, toilet paper, tissues. The list of all stores inventory can be downloaded from the Club website
  1. Please notify the Club Captain if stores are running low or of damage or missing items so it can be included in their Weekly Report.
  1. The Club has a Facebook page and we encourage members and their guests to get involved and share the photos and stories to build our digital archive. “Like us” at AlexandraSkiClub


All correspondence with Members is via email. Please keep us informed of any changes to your contact details so our database remains current.  Email us at:

[1] The intent of this change is to stop members making many speculative bookings in an attempt to avoid being balloted out of another booked week.