2024 Season Accommodation

Hello, and welcome to the accommodation page for the 2024 Ski Season! Member Bookings are open from February 1st. Members can book any available space from this date; however, guest bookings can be accepted only from 1st March. For Accommodation Rates and Periods, please refer to the schedule at the bottom of the page.

Members can book accommodation at the lodge via our Online Booking System.

Members now have access to the clubs ‘Member Portal’ which allows you to book online with instant booking confirmation, ability to cancel existing bookings, pay online via credit card, check lodge availability, view upcoming or past bookings and also the ability to update your member profile details.

To access the Member Portal, please got to the link below:

For up to date lodge availability please go to this link below (Please note, dates shown in the link are “Nights” of which generally the last night of each booking is typically a Friday (apart from Weeks 5-8 & 20)):

Logging Into Your Member Portal For The First Time:

Members can retrieve their Member Number by clicking the ‘Retrieve Your Member Number’ button on the Member Portal’s login screen. You will then be asked to enter your email address and click “Get Member Number” which will then send you an email with this number. Once you have your member number you can then proceed to the login screen again to enter your Member Number and Surname.

Please note: If you have recently changed email addresses or surnames and have not notified the club then you may have some Issues logging in to the Member Portal. If this is the case please contact us and let us know your change in email address or surname so we can update our records for you to login. Our ‘contact us’ page is located here. Please send your message to ‘General Enquires’ by selecting one of these options in the dropdown list on the Contact Us page.

Please also note: An “Adult Associate Member” (eg Spouse or Associate of an Adult Member) and “Junior Member” will need to book via your families main “Adult Member” login as we will not be issuing a member portal for Adult Associate Members or Junior Members at this time.

Logging Into Your Member Portal:

Once you have your Member login details you can then proceed to the login screen where you can enter your Member Number and Surname.

Placing A Booking:

Placing a booking via the system is very easy and seamless.

Step 1, Select the dates that you would like to book. When selecting dates in the booking system, It is best if you refence the dates either in the table below or you can reference the up to date lodge available by clicking here which will help you navigate the dates of each ski season week. When placing a booking, you are to select your starting nights date (for example the Saturday) and the date of the last night of your stay (for example the next Friday). Once you have selected your dates, you then enter the number of beds that you require (Please note: Infants that don’t require a bed shouldn’t be included in this number, you will have an option in the next step to add an Infant). Please then click Next Step.

In Step 2, you will need to select the the Member/Guest Type as well as enter the names of each guest (Last Name, First Name). If you have an Infant which doesn’t need a bed, then please select the option “Add infants not needing bed”.  Each Member/Guest Type will show a description of what this type means. For an Adult Member, when typing in your surname it will do a lookup to find your membership account. Once completed, please click Next Step.

In Step 3, This gives an summary of your booking. Please double check if details are correct. You can also update your Contact Details for the booking. There is also an option which will save your updated Contact Details to you Members profile. At the bottom there is an option to add any comments to your booking (For example preferred Room Number). If you would like to indicate a room preference, please refer to the room layout page and provide this detail along with your booking request to the Bookings Secretary In the comment section. Room Layout.

In Step 4, you will be taken to the final booking screen where you can pay for your booking. The booking system uses PayPal to take credit card payment for your booking however you wont be required to actually have a PayPal account. To pay for your booking, firstly click “Agree to Terms and Conditions” box and then click “Pay Outstanding Balance”. Please then follow the prompts to pay for your booking. Once paid, a booking confirmation will be provided via email.

 For up to date vacancy numbers, please refer to the booking system’s Lodge Availability page

Week # Date (arrive & depart date) Comment Rate Code
1 25 May – 01 June C
2 01 – 8 June C
3 8 – 15 June Tiny Tots Week B
4 15 – 22 June B
5 22 – 29 June B
6 29 Jun- 6 Jul A
7 06 – 11 July (5 nights) NSW Public School Holidays 3
8 11 – 16 July (5 nights) NSW Public School Holidays 2
9 16 – 21 July (5 nights) NSW Public School Holidays 1
10 21 – 27 July (6 nights) Whole of Lodge Booking A Note 1& 3
11 27 Jul – 3 Aug A
12 03 – 10 August A
13 10 – 17 August A
14 17- 24 August A
15 24 – 31 August Tiny Tots Week B
16 31 Aug – 07 Sep Whole of Lodge Booking A Note 1
17 07 -14 September B
18 14 – 21 September B
19 21 – 28 September NSW Public School Holidays B
All other weeks C

Note 1: Rate code applies if Whole of Lodge Booking does not apply. If WOL booking is not confirmed by 1st
April, this will revert to a normal booking week at this time.
Note 2: Bookings are typically Saturday to Saturday
Note 3: 6 nights will be charged as 6/7th of a whole week

Member & Guest Rate Card

Daily Rate =20% of weekly rate
Tertiary Student means a Junior Guest who is undertaking Tertiary Education.

  Peak Shoulder Off Season
Member type A B C
Adult Member  $       401  $       331  $       174
Junior Member  $       313  $       258  $         87
Adult Guest  $      1019  $       841  $       290
Junior Guest  $       571  $       471  $       145
Tertiary Student  $       571  $       471  $       145
– (Daily rate = 20% of weekly rate)

Accommodation Tariff 5 Nights – July School Holidays

Daily Rate =20% of weekly rate
Tertiary Student means a Junior Guest who is undertaking Tertiary Education.

Member type 1 2 3
Adult Member  $340  $238  $190
Junior Member  $265  $170  $136
Adult Guest  $854  $698  $644
Junior Guest  $562  $413  $379
Tertiary Student  $489  $340  $306

Whole of Lodge Booking

For transparency, the calculation used for the pricing of a Whole of Lodge week is to assume an occupancy of 8 adult members and 9 adult guests.

If the WOL week is not taken up / booked, it reverts to normal booking week at 1st April
Tertiary Student means a Junior Guest who is undertaking Tertiary Education.

Without Catering (A Week)

$11,14221 to 27 July (6 nights)

Without Catering (B Week)

$12,99931 Aug to 07 Sept

Credit Card payments:

For the 2023 Ski Season, bookings can only be secured by Credit Card payment through the Booking System.